Asheville Waldorf School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and depends upon the generous support from each family and the community in the form of tuition, gifts, and volunteer hours. Your tax-deductible, contribution to the Giving Fund helps to fill the gap in the operating budget and pay for equipment, facilities and utilities, and faculty and staff salaries.Your generous support ensures that Asheville Waldorf School will continue to grow and thrive in the coming year. Together we are creating something very special for our children and for future generations–a place where each individual can realize his and her full potential through goodness, beauty and truth.

Every contribution of any size makes a difference!


When you participate in this nourishing community, you help ensure a stable learning environment for generations to live wisely and lovingly on Earth.  Generous tax-deductible donations are necessary to meet the gap between program fees and expenses.Your generosity models striving for highest good to the children and deeply informs their path.

How far will it go?

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  • $50 = Supplies plants for our gardens
  • $100 = Helps a teacher purchase art supplies for the classroom
  • $250 = Supports a month of Nature Immersion for our grades students
  • $500 = Provides classroom furniture and materials for two children
  • $1000 = Sends one teacher to his/her summer training intensive
  • $2500 = Begins our playground construction
  • $7500 = Gives a deserving child one year of an education to last a lifetime
  • $50,000 = Is a lead gift that founds and grounds the school


We offer our deep thanks to our donors who have contributed to the 2018-2019 Annual Giving Campaign and assist in the transformation of Asheville Waldorf School.


Ethel Mayer

Donna Ricks

Jerianne Williams

Margaret Bloomquist

Jim & Jennie Brunner

Jennifer Garrett

Jane & Mike Todd

Maria & Butch Allen

Charles & Windy Donovan

Brita Nordgren & Jake Wolf

Eric Pelto

Amanda Seta

Nikki & Dov Shoneman

Jess Mund

Angel Trail

Reetah Mauldin

The Jawad Family

Stephanie Hein & Chris Ripley

Nicholas Andrea

Micah & Lanie Honeycutt

Lisa Bailey

Susan McChesney

Zoe Rothfuss & Robert Tuck

Charity Cimmaron

Steven & Sonja Emerson

Laurel and Charlie Humes

Tiffany Gunter

M. Noah

Myrick & Raymond Thompson

Elizabeth & Justin Hromada

Alice & Randy Redrick

Nicole & Chad Johnson

C. Lohry

Elizabeth Price

Arielle Bahmueller

Jennifer Petosa

Robert Feirnstein

K. Tuck

Ines Kinchen

Marie Nordgren

Valene Bock

Danielle & Justin Goldstein

Thomas Donovan

Robert & Suzanne Mays


Lee and Pauline Heyne

Elizabeth McKay

Alice Gray Gregory

Douglas and Lenka Hattaway

Jacqueline Chromey

The Brumo Family

Amy Arrendell

Marianne & Myfanwy Yencken

Morgan Hincks & Juan P Sullivan

Jeffrey Crespo & Florencia Barolin

The Gregory Family

Elizabeth Erb

Nick & Maria Kusturic

Danielle Miller & Adam Matar

The Newsom Family

April Daniels

Amy Arrendell

The Sanjar Family

Helene & Michael Smith

Kathy Dowell

Perrie Ramey

Molly Hernon

Katherine & Reggie Blackburn

Micah Honeycutt

A. Nordgren

The Canniff Family

The Hincks Family

Angel Trail

Peggy Leasure

Barbara Hain

April Daniel


Patricia Hart

Carole & Steve Shoaf


Steven Schnedler

Sharon Bartlett Price

Katherine Lauder

Little Acorn Fund